You really can get the staff these days

Fresh flowers in the hallway, a fridge full of Montrachet and your favourite products in the bathroom – just some of the touches that make arriving at your home all the more special.

Part of owning a prime residence in London is being able to enjoy it fully from the moment you open the front door, ideally without having to lift a finger yourself. And in today’s market, this means far more than simply having the property sparkly clean with freshly laundered bed linen and towels.

When your portfolio includes a home of this value and calibre, you want everything to be just right, each room kitted out to your precise requirements and ready to occupy, a supply of your preferred consumables – in both the kitchen and bathroom, and easy access to the capital’s world-famous lifestyle. It’s all about the detail and having your home just how you like it.

Cue London’s luxury home management and concierge firms. These bespoke service providers have carved out a role keeping prime residences in tip top condition, whether occupied or not, as well as looking after the personal needs of their owners. Their boutique services are geared to people who lead busy lives and could do with a little help taking care of the domestic environment and helping to achieve their desired lifestyle.

Home management

Luxury home management firms offer just about every type of service needed to run and enjoy living in a prime London residence. In order to do this, most provide clients with a round-the-clock contact or property manager who will tailor their service to your individual needs, whether you’re in London or halfway round the world.

The property elements of their service include key-holding, property-checking and general maintenance, both reactive and preventative. From changing light bulbs and fixing a leaky tap to watering the garden and testing alarm systems, appointing one brings peace of mind that your home is secure and well-kept at all times. This is especially reassuring when you spend long periods away and know someone trustworthy is monitoring your property on standby to resolve any emergencies.

For large maintenance jobs, your property manager will advise you of necessary repairs and propose their own reputable tradespeople for the work. Their expertise can usually be called on to assist with refurbishments too.

On request, most firms will also look after the administration of your property. This will include handling all paperwork, arranging payment of bills and even checking your post, forwarding you anything important. Many will also ensure you’re on competitive utility and insurance tariffs. If you let your property, you can entrust your manager to deal with tenant enquiries, contracts and rent collection, making it an easy, hands-off process for you.

Housekeeping is another key service. It’s not unusual to arrange for live-in staff to take care of all housework and general running of your household when you’re in residence. Walking the dog and running errands, such as collecting dry-cleaning, receiving deliveries, even organising your wardrobe, are common requests.

Complementing this is a ‘homecoming’ service, which prepares the house for your arrival, whether from holiday or just from the office. This could include turning the heating on, lighting a log fire, running a soothing bath or stocking the kitchen with your favourite food and drinks.

In terms of fees, it’s normal for firms to offer home management services on a monthly retaining fee, with an hourly rate charged for some specific services. Which applies to you will depend on your individual needs.


Many home management firms also offer concierge and hospitality services. Not only guardians of your London home, they want also to help you tap into the world-class leisure and lifestyle opportunities available to you when you stay there.

The range of services include those based at your property, such as planning an event, arranging for a cordon bleu chef to cook for you or professional musicians to perform at a dinner party. You could use their services to secure tickets for an entertainment event, book a top restaurant or organise a driver for the night. They’ll also ensure any child-minding or baby-sitting requirements are taken care of, leaving you to kick back and enjoy yourself.

Now who would say no to that?!



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